Chris’s Top 10 Favourites

First of all, a warm welcome to the newest member of our Toronto team, Christopher Leung! Chris already has a few escape rooms under his belt, so he’s given us his top 10 list as it stands so far:

  1. Unforeseeable Pyramid (Freeing Canada Station)
  2. Escape The Wild West (Escape From The 6)
  3. The Psychologist’s Wife (Red Button Rooms)
  4. Haunting of Noriko (Escape Games Canada)
  5. Serial Killer Charade (Room Escape Ottawa)
  6. Escape the Diefenbunker (Escape Manor)
  7. Boom Room (Room Escape Ottawa)
  8. Escape From Time Travel Lab (Real Escape Games)
  9. The Unknown (Escape Games Canada)
  10. Syndicate: Relic Heist (Escape Games Canada)


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