Iana’s Top 10 Favourites

Guess what? Time for another top 10 list! This time it’s from Iana, the newest member of the LA team. Agree with her choices? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Occam’s Apartment (Evil Genius)
  2. Bloody Elbow (Quest Room)
  3. Dr. X (Horror Escapes LA)
  4. Queen Anne’s Revenge (Quest Factory)
  5. The Virus (Get the F Out)
  6. Down the Rabbit Hole (Trapped!)
  7. The Pyramid (Escape Room LA)
  8. The Basement (The Basement – Chapter 3)
  9. Stash House (A Los Angeles Crime Story)
  10. Zoe (Escapade Games)


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