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Escape rooms reopening in Toronto

We could all use a little escape from reality right now, and Toronto’s escape rooms are reopening to help out with that.


USA TODAY 10 Best Escape Rooms (2019)

A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick an initial selection of 20 nominees for the best escape room, with the top 10 winners determined by popular vote.



Meet the enthusiasts: Esc Room Addict

What happens when a group of escape room enthusiasts decide to work together? In Matt Silver’s case, the popular review site, Esc Room Addict was the result of focused teamwork. Matt and another member of the team, Jessey Rice told us about the exciting escape rooms of Toronto.



When fun is escaping a room together

For Errol Elumir and Matt Silver, time spent locked indoors is their idea of a great night out.

The Toronto residents are big fans of escape games, which have sprung up by the dozens in the city and in communities across Canada.



Escape rooms fill need for human connection