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The Curious Stairs of Mr. Hincks

Your wacky eccentric guide Mr. Hincks is back at it again. This time he wants you to take the stairs (instead of the elevator). But you should know by now this crazy building has more than good exercise in store for you… this short companion game to The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks provides more of the same light-hearted fun as it did the first time.


Sven’s Last Secret

You’ve travelled to North-Central Ontario to learn more about The Group of Seven (Canada’s most famous group of artists), but instead you stumble upon a mysterious cabin. You previously heard the story of Sven’s Last Secret from local townsfolk, but assumed it was just a myth. Beware strange traveller, your next choice could be your last, and once you enter this cabin, you may not find it so easy to leave!


The Posie Ring & The Chapbook

Hello agent. The Society of Curiosities was so impressed with your work in recovering Capt. Madok’s Lost Treasure that we have a follow up mission for you. Should you come back for these sequels, you’ll once again be swept away in an immersive adventure you won’t soon forget!


Trip 1907: Classic

You find yourself piecing together a cryptic naval diary in order to discover a series of mysterious events that were lost at sea till not so long ago. Will you be able to uncover the journey… or will your sanity succumb to the monsters, nightmares, and strange happenings before you reach the end?



Picture this! You’re a puzzle fanatic! You live for them! You look forward to completing the daily puzzles in the newspaper and none have been a match for you so far… You long for the day in which you find a puzzle that is so difficult, it even stumps you. One day, you see an ad in the paper calling on the most brilliant minds to accept this challenge and pass the test! Solve it, and it just might lead to something greater than you could ever imagine… fail and be left wondering what could have been.


Finders Seekers: Tokyo

We’re back on another mission for Finders Seekers, and this time we’re headed off to… Tokyo! Land of the rising sun, neon lights, industry leading animation studios, and never-ending crowded streets… but will we be able to solve this case in time?!


Deckscape: The Curse of the Sphinx

While on a guided tour of the monuments of Ancient Egypt, something mysterious happens! Suddenly, you find yourself locked in a secret room with only your wits to help you escape. You did it! You have seemed to have found a way out… wait…. you hear something coming from one of the many dark corridors that surround you. The sound of groaning and shuffling echoes ominously towards you… suddenly, you realize you might not be the only one down here.