Matt’s Top 25 Favourites

Unfortunately, it’s been a bit of an unusual year, and for obvious reasons we haven’t been able to play too many new rooms. So instead we’re adding a few more of our favourite play-at-home games to the list. What’s your favourite play-at-home game?


  1. Let’s Play A Game (Alcatraz Escape Rooms – Hamilton, ON)
  2. Mob Accountant (Felix Escape Games – Los Angeles, CA)
  3. The Mad Rapper (Scenario Escape Room – Brea, CA)
  4. Captain Spoopy Bones (Doldrick’s Escape Room – Kissimmee, FL)
  5. The Hangover (Escape City Buffalo – Buffalo, NY)
  6. 13 Sedah Ave (NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms – Toronto, ON)
  7. Locked In A Room With A Zombie (Locked Up Escape Games – Buffalo, NY)
  8. Drago’s Castle (5-Wits Syracuse – Syracuse, NY)
  9. Apocalypse 2.0 (Escape Manor – Ottawa, ON)
  10. The Dragon’s Song (Secret City Adventures – Toronto, ON)
  11. The Candy Shop (Expedition Escape – Montgomeryville, PA)
  12. Deep Space (5-Wits Buffalo – Buffalo, NY)
  13. Lab Rat (Hatch Escapes – Los Angeles, CA)
  14. Trapped in the 80’s (Escape Rooms by Franknicky- Sandusky, OH)
  15. Minerva’s Return (Decode Detroit – Detroit, MI)
  16. Espionage (5-Wits Philadelphia – Philadephia, PA)
  17. Lockdown (Escape Revolution – Toronto, ON)
  18. Espionage (5-Wits Foxborough – Foxborough, MA)
  19. Stash House (Stash House – Los Angeles, CA)
  20. Saint Angelo’s Castle (Komnata Quest – Boston, MA)
  21. Escape the Cornwall Jail (Escape Manor Cornwall – Cornwall, ON)
  22. Where Dark Things Dwell (Secret City Adventures – Toronto, ON)
  23. Subway Escape (Escape Room Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA)
  24. Over the Falls (Escape City Buffalo – Buffalo, NY)
  25. Boda Borg (Boda Borg – Boston, MA)

Top 5 play-at-home games:

  1. Bloody Red Roses (Decktective)
  2. The Detective Society Season 1: The Disappearance of Claire Makova (Damfino Productions)
  3. The Memory Stone (Society of Curiosities)
  4. Cantaloop Book 1: Breaking into Prison (Lookout Games)
  5. Detective: A Modern Crime Story (Portal Games)

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