Chris’s Top 10 Favourites

Avid escaper Chris brings us his top 10 favourite escape rooms. Recognize any of your favourites on there?

  1. Mad Scientists (Key Masters Escape Rooms – Hamilton, ON)
  2. Lost and Found (Perplexity – Brampton, ON)
  3. Unforeseeable Pyramid (Freeing Canada Station – Richmond Hill, ON)
  4. The Wrath of Amun Ra (The Imaginarium – North York, ON)
  5. Secret Society (Alcatraz Escape Rooms- Hamilton, ON)
  6. Tesla’s Time Machine (Next Level Escape Rooms – Hamilton, ON)
  7. Let’s Play A Game (Alcatraz Escape Room – Hamilton, ON)
  8. Firefighter Rescue (Escape From The 6 – Mississauga, ON)
  9. New Haven (Confundrum Escape Rooms – Burlington, ON)
  10. Twisted Woods (Confundrum Escape Rooms – Burlington, ON)

Top 3 at-home games:

  1. Mother of Frankenstein Volume 1 (Hatch Escapes)
  2. The Detective Society Season 1: The Disappearance of Claire Makova (Damfino Productions)
  3. Cantaloop Book 1: Breaking into Prison (Lookout Games)

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