John’s Top 10 Favourites

John has travelled to and played a wide variety of escape rooms across the United States. Which ones have you played?


  1. Machina (Escape Reality – Las Vegas, NV)
  2. Lost Pyramid (Memphis Escape – Memphis, TN)
  3. Maritime Mutiny (Escape Room Herndon – Herndon, VA) (Washington DC area)
  4. Supernova (Mystery Mansion Escape Room – Little Rock, AR)
  5. Lunar Landing (Escape2Win – Virginia Beach, VA)
  6. Manhattan! (River City Escape Room -Richmond, VA)
  7. Tomb Ruins (Gnome and Raven – Richmond, VA)
  8. Pharaoh’s Chamber (60 Minute Escape – Murfreesboro, TN)
  9. Special Ops (The Escape Game Nashville – Nashville, TN)
  10. Warehouse 29 (closed) (Richmond, VA)

In-home games:

  1. Revolutionary Code (Ravenchase Adventures)
  2. Amnesia (Mystery Mansion Escape Room)
  3. Unlocked (The Escape Game Nashville)

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