Ask The Expert Contest Round 1

Update: Round 1 of the contest is now closed. Congratulations to all our winners! If you didn’t win a prize in this round, don’t worry, another round will be starting soon. Keep your eyes on this website or our social media for details.

Congratulations once again to our winners and thanks to our many sponsors. The winners were:

Titan L: pass for four to The Vertigo Games (Toronto)

John M: pass for four to Escapism (Portland)

Rymmy A: pass for four to Puzzle Workshop (Irvine, CA)

Melissa B: $100 voucher for Mobile Room Escape (Chicago)

Joe B: pass for four to Freeing Canada Station (Richmond Hill, ON)

Scott O: pass for four to Escape Key (Brantford, ON)

James I: pass for four to Mayze (Scarborough, ON)

Aly T: pass for four to The Crux (Hamilton, ON)

In addition, Rymmy A had his question chosen for inclusion in a future Ask The Expert article. Thanks to all of you for the questions you submitted, there were some good ones in there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you’ve been waiting for is here – we’re kicking off round one of our Ask The Expert contest! In this round, we’re giving away six prizes to six lucky winners! Each prize consists of a pass for four to one of our sponsors. Click here to see the full list of prizes and sponsors.

Entering the contest is simple! All you have to do is come up with a question to ask our panel of escape room experts and enter it in the form below. For instance, “How many escape rooms are there in New York City?” “Where and when was the very first escape room opened?” “Which city has the most vibrant escape room scene?” Be creative! See if you can come up with a question no-one else has though of! The best question(s) will be selected and posed to our panel of escape room experts.

The winners of the prizes will be randomly selected from all the entries received. This round of the contest will run until 12pm Eastern Time on Thursday November 3rd, at which point the winners will be announced and posted here. But if you don’t win this time, fear not! There are many more rounds of the contest yet to come.

Good luck and may the best person win!

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5 responses

  1. Alex says:

    Which escape room has the most dynamic and immersive weather?

  2. Mike Ritter says:

    Has there ever been an escape room that nobody was able to solve (that had a legitimate solution)?

  3. Karen says:

    Which escape room in New England is the most exciting and fun for a family with kids?

  4. Jason says:

    Are there any limited edition Escape room T-Shirts when you complete the course or any special prizes if you break the record for that escape room?

  5. Esc Room Addict says:

    Those are all great questions, guys! But to enter the giveaway you have to enter your question in the dark grey box above. Start by logging in with Facebook or using your email address and then it will prompt you for a question. Sorry if the instructions were a little unclear.

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