Bev’s Top 10 Favourites

It’s time for some of our Los Angeles team members to start listing their top 10s! Bev, one of the newest members of our team is here to kick things off:

  1. The Royal Library (Legend X Iteration Room Escape Adventure)
  2. Haunted Recording Studio (Escape Room Games)
  3. The Pirate’s Den (MagIQ)
  4. Escape Alcatraz (EscapeIQ)
  5. The CSI Room (Logiquit Escape Room)
  6. The Hangover (Escape the Place)
  7. The Curiosity Shop (Wizards and Wires Studio)
  8. Sorcerer’s Study (Square Room Escape)
  9. The Pharaoh’s Treasure (Ace Escape Game)
  10. Cold War Bunker (Room Escape Los Angeles)


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