Author: Matt


Empire Of Atlantis

Centuries ago it was said the lost Empire of Atlantis lead the world in technological and magical wonders. Many have searched for it’s hidden location since it was destroyed. Can you discover it’s secret location and the treasures inside before it’s too late?


Unlock! Mythic Adventures

Fancy yourself a world explorer, or an ancient Greek philosopher, or maybe just a random collection of animals when you’ve got time to relax? No matter which of these you prefer Unlock! Mystic Adventures has you covered!


Escape The Ripper

Your mission leads you to the dark alleys of London. A serial killer who ‘rips’ his victim’s organs out is believed to be the target of your investigation, but what is his connection to your fellow time traveller? With not one but TWO games inside the ‘crate’ you’ll need to dive in and investigate for yourself for more answers!


Scarlet Envelope (Chapters 1 and 2)

The Game Master has decided you are far more important than you realize. Each month he’s decided to send you a scarlet envelope in the mail to test your puzzle solving and detective skills. Can you figure out who the Game Master is and what his motives are before it’s too late?


The Curious Stairs of Mr. Hincks

Your wacky eccentric guide Mr. Hincks is back at it again. This time he wants you to take the stairs (instead of the elevator). But you should know by now this crazy building has more than good exercise in store for you… this short companion game to The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks provides more of the same light-hearted fun as it did the first time.


Sven’s Last Secret

You’ve travelled to North-Central Ontario to learn more about The Group of Seven (Canada’s most famous group of artists), but instead you stumble upon a mysterious cabin. You previously heard the story of Sven’s Last Secret from local townsfolk, but assumed it was just a myth. Beware strange traveller, your next choice could be your last, and once you enter this cabin, you may not find it so easy to leave!


The Posie Ring & The Chapbook

Hello agent. The Society of Curiosities was so impressed with your work in recovering Capt. Madok’s Lost Treasure that we have a follow up mission for you. Should you come back for these sequels, you’ll once again be swept away in an immersive adventure you won’t soon forget!


Finders Seekers: Tokyo

We’re back on another mission for Finders Seekers, and this time we’re headed off to… Tokyo! Land of the rising sun, neon lights, industry leading animation studios, and never-ending crowded streets… but will we be able to solve this case in time?!