Matt’s Top 10 Favourites (November 2015)

We thought it might be interesting to ask the members of the ERA team for their top 10 favourite escape rooms (so far). To start things off, here’s Matt’s list:

  1. One Room Schoolhouse (Escape Maze)
  2. The Penitentiary (Omescape)
  3. Escape the Danforth (Looking Glass Adventures)
  4. Mission Incredible (Freeing Station Canada)
  5. The Kingdom of Cats (Omescape)
  6. Mysterious Study (Omescape)
  7. Unforeseeable Pyramid (Freeing Station Canada)
  8. Firefighter Rescue (Escape From The 6)
  9. Escape From Time Travel Lab (Real Escape Games)
  10. Liberty Squad (Breakout Team Adventures)


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