Renée’s Top 10 Favourites (June 2017)

One of our newer members, Renée, brings us her top 10 list. Renée’s a big fan of immersion in her escape rooms, so you can be sure these rooms are guaranteed to have a great atmosphere and story!

  1. Wild West (Escape From The 6)
  2. Mad Scientists (KeyMasters)
  3. The Truth of Osaka High (Mayze)
  4. Haunted House (Vertigo Games)
  5. Drago’s Castle (5-Wits)
  6. Deep Space (5-Wits)
  7. The Office Job (Oshawa Escapes)
  8. Detention (Oshawa Escapes)
  9. Pirate’s Prize (Freeing Station Canada)
  10. Unforeseeable Pyramid (Freeing Station Canada)


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