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Dear Friends and Followers of Esc Room Addict,

Great news! Escape room companies are rapidly expanding, changing, and improving due to their increased popularity in North America. Businesses are using escape rooms for team building exercises, enthusiasts are enjoying the interactive challenges with their friends, and yes, escape rooms are the new popular choice when booking social events like birthday parties, date nights, or even girls’ night out.

Esc Room Addict recognizes changes like these need to be reflected in how we review rooms in order to keep pace with the industry. And here’s the best part… we want YOUR input in these changes! Over the next several weeks EscRoomAddict.com will be conducting an industry-wide survey to find out what’s most important to YOU when choosing an escape room experience.

We are incredibly thankful for the loyalty we’ve received from our online followers and fans! Now it’s our honour to give something back to you… a chance for your opinion to make a difference. Please take a minute to fill out our survey and let us know what matters to you.

The Esc Room Addict Team

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