Ask The Expert: Canada

Do you like solving mysteries? Our experts will treat you well this time. Prepare yourself for a little international journey led by our Canadian member.

Danielle HeightDanielle Height, Canada

We are happy to announce today’s expert Danielle Height. She faced some quite difficult questions, but as an experienced escape room mom, she found her way out. Can you answer the questions correctly? (multiple choice question answers at the end)

Take a glimpse into our Canadian expert’s mind and get to know her better.

Scott Monin: Tell us all about the best puzzle that you have seen in any escape room in your country (you know, the one that brings a smile to your face when you think about it).

Danielle Height: I don’t really fall in love with puzzles as much as themes, but it would be one where you have to use cables of specific length to hook up adapters to form a connection with. I enjoy the cognitive and spatial types.

This next question was submitted by the winner of Round 1 of our Ask The Expert contest:

Rymmy Andre: How have you seen escape room challenges and puzzles change over time?

Danielle Height: Aside from some more creative aspects of using the senses, not really. Most will have semi-typical puzzles or challenges that fit within a specific confine. There are variations on the qualities, but not genuinely on the over-arching styles of puzzles.

Filios Sazeides: What if you were forced to leave Canada tomorrow and relocate to Cyprus! What would you take with you if you had only one category of stuff to take with you in a box? What stuff would you put in?

A) Clothes B) Kitchenware C) Escape Room props, cameras D) A pet E) Or?

Danielle Height: E-Both my kids, even if I was naked, since clothes were option A!

Fruzsina Gyarmaty: Since Canada is a northern country, I think the weather is usually colder than anywhere else. Probably you’ve got used to it, but it’s really unusual for us here in Europe. It would be a fun idea to escape from rooms where the temperature rises or drops as time goes by. Do you know any escape games based on an idea like this?

Danielle Height: That has not been done here, I think that a temp drop would be a fantastic ‘Canadian’ escape room!!

Scott Monin: Australia is home to the world’s longest golf course. The distance between the first tee and the 18th hole totals:

  1. 50 miles
  2. 150 miles
  3. 250 miles
  4. 450 miles
  5. 850 mile

Fruzsina Gyarmaty: Which is the real Hungarian sea?

A) Adriatic Sea B) Balaton C) Caribbean D) Black Sea E) Ionian Sea

Filios Saizides: I know for certainty that Canada has some wonderful and cold rivers. What if an escape room game was created that if people would solve it they don’t pay anything but if they don’t a hatch opens and they fall in a river which of course would be safe from currents etc.? Do you consider this an interesting approach especially if it is like a series that people can watch online? Will Canadians or people there be intrigued by this? What if it has also a bit of a physical challenge with a combination of puzzles and mystery?

Danielle Height: Another pretty great Canadian idea! I’m not sure about the liability but it would be really neat to watch!

Danielle Height: Scott, I’m guessing 450 miles

Scott Monin: Close shot, but the longest golf course in Australia is Nullarbor Links in OZ, 850 miles.

Danielle Height: Just WOW.

Danielle Height: Fruzsina I’m not sure, maybe the Ionian Sea?

Fruzsina Gyarmati: That was a really tricky question Hungary is not even close to the sea. The correct answer is Lake Balaton.

Danielle Height: Oh, come on!!! Get out of here!

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