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If you’re like us, you enjoy noticing little details and nuances about the people and places that surround you. Searching for funny quirks then learning how to appreciate them is something we often do. For example, have you ever noticed there’s a certain charm in being referred to as the ‘little guys’, or ‘the underdogs’? Over the past few decades we’ve noticed how much people enjoy supporting the ‘little guys’ who come from a place of humility or disadvantage. The ERA Team relates to this desire… We started with a small but simple objective – to help owners improve the satisfaction levels of their customers and to give honest reviews to our reviewers. What we found was a an impressive number of escape room companies who shared a similar vision. We were excited to find there were several companies who simply want to be in the business of putting their customers first…. Jigsaw Escape is one of them!

From the moment we entered the building, we knew the staff at Jigsaw saw themselves as ‘the little guys’. They took every opportunity to be courteous, polite, and make sure we knew their goal was far more than just profit, it was to make us happy with our experience. Little things like smiling faces, no iPhones being texted upon, and a desire to actually interact with the customers made all the difference in the world. We also had a fun introduction to the room which also added to our experience. All in all a great start!

Much like The Heist, the room quality in The Cabin was impressive! Some enthusiasts might argue single room experiences aren’t impressive anymore, but we believe this to be an over-generalized critique. It’s not how many rooms that matter…it’s how well constructed and how much you enjoyed the rooms you were in that ultimately matters. Multiple rooms do have the potential to provide more enjoyment, but they also might spoil an experience if each room isn’t designed with consistency. Simply put, sometimes less is more… The Cabin’s great strength comes from its authentic blend of sights, sounds, and props that illustrate the level of quality & design. The only area that might make the finicky observer raise an eyebrow is a couple out of place items that didn’t quite fit. Aside from minor things such as these, we felt it was an impressively designed room.

Immersion is always a tricky area to evaluate. Although we try our best to stay objective and consistent, we do admit a level of subjectivity enters the mix when evaluating a room’s immersive qualities. The question we asked ourselves was if we felt immersed in the story, environment, and a continued desire to fulfill our objective? For the most part the answer is yes. The best part of The Cabin is found in its realistic atmosphere. We also enjoyed how most items within the room were designed to be interacted with (nothing ruins immersion more than seeing dozens of “do not touch” stickers). Where we felt this room lost a bit of its immersive experience was in the story. This is a common critique you’ll often hear from the ERA team. We love story development. We like to hear the beginning of a story before we enter a room; we like to learn more about the story as we go through the adventure; and we like the end of our adventure to have a twist or choice to be made in order to complete the story. Most rooms follow the same pattern of giving the complete story and objective at the beginning of the room with nothing to be discovered, debated, or surprised by at the end. This isn’t to say it’s a bad story line. We simply prefer a full immersive experience by uncovering a story as we go along. It’s like watching a sporting event live without knowing what the final score, versus watching it the next day when you already know who’s won. Both experiences are enjoyable, but one keeps you actively engaged to a higher degree. Don’t let this deter you however. You’ll have more than enough chills running up and down your spine from the immersive atmosphere here.

Finally puzzles. One question we’re often asked by owners (usually in a nervous tone before we enter a room) is whether we’ve “seen it all” and know all the puzzles and solutions to everything? The answer is easy. No, we haven’t even come close to seeing it all. In fact we’re amazed at how every room we review still has something special or different to offer with its puzzles, even if it’s a small thing. This room was no exception. There were some puzzles we really liked because we’ve not seen anything like it before and they were creative. We would’ve ideally liked to see more team building puzzles included, but there were enough inclusive elements within their puzzles that it wasn’t so noticeable… So if creative and interesting puzzles are your thing, then The Cabin is a must see.

Probably not hard to figure out here, but yes we highly recommend trying out Jigsaw’s The Cabin. It’s a great atmospheric experience with some clever puzzles and incredible customer service on top of it all! It’s best suited for 3-5 moderately experienced players but there’s enough for beginners and enthusiasts also. As always we want to hear your thoughts so be sure to comment in the section below or send us a message via email, Facebook or Twitter…

As always, happy escaping!

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