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Empire Of Atlantis

Centuries ago it was said the lost Empire of Atlantis lead the world in technological and magical wonders. Many have searched for it’s hidden location since it was destroyed. Can you discover it’s secret location and the treasures inside before it’s too late?


Out of Time

The moment you arrive in the lobby you’re in for an experience unrivalled by any other that we’ve seen. The room itself was of the highest caliber and stuck to both the “time machine in the basement” and the early 20th century theme. The entire experience was one of the best we’ve had in any room anywhere. We were smiling from the moment we entered the door until well after the game was over.


Death By Chocolate

Death By Chocolate was a fantastic experience that left us hungry for more. We did five escape rooms in the greater DC area this weekend, and Death By Chocolate edged out the competition as the one we enjoyed the most!


Blackbrim: 1876

You find yourself immersed in Victorian England, 1876. There have been strange disappearances and it is up to you to rescue those missing and put an end to all the horror! Do you have the puzzle solving and deduction skills necessary to sleuth your way to the end?