Janine’s Top 10 Favourites

Janine has travelled far and wide in her pursuit of amazing escape room experiences, so you’ll find rooms from all over Canada in her list. How many of these have you done?

  1. Floor 13 Elevator (Lockdown Escape Rooms Red Deer)
  2. The Truth of Osaka High (Mayze)
  3. Forgotten Castle (Exit Kelowna)
  4. Van Escape (NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms)
  5. 13 Sedah Ave (NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms)
  6. The Professor’s Quarters (Breakout Escapes)
  7. Haunted (District 3 Escape Rooms)
  8. Escape the Danforth (Looking Glass Adventures)
  9. The Unknown (Escape Games Canada)
  10. King of the Bootleggers (Escape Casa Loma)


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