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13 Sedah Ave was the second of our evening reviews at NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms. To get a better idea of our initial thoughts and feelings on NOWAYOUT, take a quick look at our review of The Red Market… In short, the lobby could use a bit of a facelift, but the staff are incredible so you’ll definitely be starting off with a smile on your face.

Speaking about starts… I’ve gotta say having done approximately 200+ escape rooms now, and with the ERA team having done a combined 350+ different escape rooms across North America, 13 Sedah Ave has one of BEST ideas to start an escape room I’ve seen! No spoilers, but wow, they had a simple concept that our review team kept talking about for hours after the experience was done. We’re in disbelief nobody has copied it yet from what we’ve seen. The opening video which was created for authentic ‘shock value’, left us feeling a bit uncomfortable with the excessive language, but all in all it set the mood for what was to come…

Again NOWAYOUT knocks it out of the park in terms of room quality! We were really impressed with the building design, materials, and little surprises contained within 13 Sedah Ave. The props were good, but the occasional choice of plastic or ‘fake’ items could be improved upon. Just like The Red Market, we enjoyed the creative use of space and the challenges the design held within for us (it’s hard to describe why without giving spoilers so we’ll just hope most of you trust that it’s a very impressively designed room).

The immersion….the IMMERSION! Do you want a good immersive experience? Do you like rooms where that sense of anticipation, challenge, and adrenaline never decreases? THIS room has it! Wow were we ever impressed with this room’s anxiety inducing atmosphere, challenges, and story. From start to end you keep wondering ”What’s coming next?! What should we do here?! What if this doesn’t work out?!!” When you add that emotional layer to an escape room environment, it doesn’t matter how many rooms you’ve done previously, it will feel like it’s your first time when you fell in love with escape rooms! The most minor of nitpicky details is that the story could have been a bit more developed and wrapped into the experience, but most likely you won’t even notice because you’ll have ‘other’ things to keep your mind working and engaged. The great atmosphere also compliments a consistent theme throughout so you’ll never feel anything less than what you were intended to feel (how ominous is that?)

The puzzles were a debated topic within or review team. A couple members loved the puzzles because for them a puzzle includes the surrounding tasks, atmosphere and setting up of the puzzle accomplishment. For other members, the puzzle experience is strictly about the components and/or process of completing the puzzle without how it’s contextually presented… This distinction made a difference in how we saw it. The broader definition of what constituted a puzzle in this room leads to a much higher score, whereas hardcore puzzle enthusiasts might feel there was quite a bit of repetition in puzzle types. The debate ended there however, because we all agreed the puzzles were fun, contextually themed, and kept us involved. We also agreed a bit more inclusive puzzle design and teamwork would’ve been nice, but again, there’s an ironic twist in this room that will have a lone wolf style player howling at the moon with joy!

Was it fun? Yes. Was it very fun? Yes! Do you need to go check out this room? YES!!! We need to add a couple disclaimers however… This room isn’t for the faint of heart, for those uncomfortable with physical tasks, nor for those with certain religious and/or conservative sensitivities. In short, this is NOT the room you should be taking your grandma to Sunday morning after church, nor should you be booking your child’s next birthday party in this room. Everyone else should come see it – and we mean everyone because there are so many excellent things about this room that won us over! We’re definitely looking forward to what comes next from the great minds of the NOWAYOUT team…

We want to hear your thoughts! Be sure to comment in the section below or send us a message via ERA’s email, Facebook, or Twitter… As always, happy escaping!

Final Verdict:


14 responses

  1. Lulu says:

    Never been to a escape room. Would you recommend it for a newbie?

    • ERA says:

      This specific room? It’s very intense & challenging, but yes… Ideally this is the type of room you’d want to try after you’ve played a few other escape rooms first.

  2. Gina says:

    Without spoiling too much, the description says “people with fear of heights” should avoid the room – what kind of heights are we talking about?

    • ERA says:

      Hi Gina, we’d rather not answer in an open forum, but please send us an email, facebook or twitter message and we’ll respond to you personally. We feel it would be unfair to divulge more than we already have and might spoil the fun…

  3. Carmela Corrado says:

    Would u recommend this room for kids at the age of 12-13? My friend is having her 13th birthday party in this room and I’m not sure if I wnat to go. Is this room scary?!?!

    • ERA says:

      No we definitely would NOT recommend this room for anyone under 18yrs old. NoWayOut also has a parent advisory in place for this room which states it is for people 19yrs+. It’s a great room, but NOT for kids.

  4. Ryan says:

    Can you come as a couple and join another team?

    • ERA says:

      All bookings are private rooms at Nowayout Escapes, so we’d advise using one of the many Meetup groups for escape rooms in the greater Toronto area.

  5. Carmela says:

    Lmao i don’t know u, sorry

  6. Francis says:

    5 buddies and I want to try out either this room or the Red Market. It’ll be our first escape room so which wud u pick? We’re all 19+

    • Matt S says:

      Based on the personal top 10 favourites from our Toronto ERA member’s lists, it looks like 13 Sedah is a huge favourite!

  7. Alyssa says:

    My partner and I are traveling to Toronto next weekend and want to do 2 escape rooms during our visit. We already signed up for Station M, but looking for which other to book. Urgently we are in between 13 Sedah Ave, Earthquake, and Final Destination. My partner has an eye disability that makes it difficult to be in overly dark spaces. Given this info, which would you recommend?

    Your site is amazing, and thank you for your time!

    • Esc Room Addict says:

      Hi Alyssa! Thank you for the kind words and for putting your being a loyal follower. Our ERA members work hard at everything we do hard because of enthusiasts like yourself.

      Sadly it looks like we didn’t get to your comment in time, but we’d be curious to hear what you chose and if it worked out ok. In the future, please don’t hesitate to send us a direct message on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts for a more immediate response. Emails & comments on our website tend to get a bit of a slower response.

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