Author: Marjan


The Box from the Future

GASP! A mysterious, foil covered box arrives at your doorstep. What awaits you after this delivery is an escapade to save all of humanity from a catastrophic future! Will you and your team be able to use the curated assortment of puzzles and objects to help fulfill this task, or will we all be doomed to an abysmal fate?


The Artist is Missing

On a trip to Huntsville you suddenly spot two cabins at the foot of a nearby hill, each holding unique cabin-escape experiences that you’re ever so tempted to discover! Here, you learn about Thompson Seven, a famous painter who is rumoured to have gone missing. Can you and your team help solve the mystery behind his disappearance? Or will Thompson’s disappearance continue to remain a harrowing mystery…


Trip 1907: Classic

You find yourself piecing together a cryptic naval diary in order to discover a series of mysterious events that were lost at sea till not so long ago. Will you be able to uncover the journey… or will your sanity succumb to the monsters, nightmares, and strange happenings before you reach the end?