Category: Play at home


Blackbrim: 1876

You find yourself immersed in Victorian England, 1876. There have been strange disappearances and it is up to you to rescue those missing and put an end to all the horror! Do you have the puzzle solving and deduction skills necessary to sleuth your way to the end?



Tachyon: A particle faster than the speed of light. Does it even exist? And if it does, what possible consequences await the beholder? Embark on the story of Tachyon, the quest to find out what happened to your father who was rumoured to have discovered the Tachyon recently. Has he been captured? Or has he harnessed the power of the Tachyon to warp through time and space?


Cantaloop Book 1: Breaking into Prison

Intrigue, mystery, and heists abound in the mysterious place of Cantaloop. Embark on an incredible journey reminiscent of the 1990s point-and-click style of gameplay and immersive yourself in this extraordinary game that has the potential to revolutionize the play-at-home-game experience unlike ever before.


Unlock! Mythic Adventures

Fancy yourself a world explorer, or an ancient Greek philosopher, or maybe just a random collection of animals when you’ve got time to relax? No matter which of these you prefer Unlock! Mystic Adventures has you covered!


Cottage in the Woods

You and your friends find a cottage in the woods and are intrigued by the mysteries that abound inside. Is there foul play? Criminal activity? Or something more sinister, haunting and unexplainable? It is up to you and your team to explore the cottage in the woods, unravel the mysteries inside, and escape… alive!