Category: Zig Zag Escape Rooms


The Artist is Missing

On a trip to Huntsville you suddenly spot two cabins at the foot of a nearby hill, each holding unique cabin-escape experiences that you’re ever so tempted to discover! Here, you learn about Thompson Seven, a famous painter who is rumoured to have gone missing. Can you and your team help solve the mystery behind his disappearance? Or will Thompson’s disappearance continue to remain a harrowing mystery…


Sven’s Last Secret

You’ve travelled to North-Central Ontario to learn more about The Group of Seven (Canada’s most famous group of artists), but instead you stumble upon a mysterious cabin. You previously heard the story of Sven’s Last Secret from local townsfolk, but assumed it was just a myth. Beware strange traveller, your next choice could be your last, and once you enter this cabin, you may not find it so easy to leave!