Matt’s Top 10 Favourites (January 2016)

As time goes by and we have the opportunity to try out even more¬†excellent and amazing escape rooms, our list of top 10 favourites will naturally evolve. Matt thought this might be a good time to update his list, so here’s his latest list as of the beginning of January 2016:

  1. Unforeseeable Pyramid (Freeing Station Canada)
  2. Kingdom Of Cats (Omescape)
  3. Espionage (5-Wits)
  4. Liberty Squad (Breakout Team Adventures)
  5. Firefighter Rescue (Escape From The 6)
  6. Mysterious Study (Omescape)
  7. Escape From Time Travel Lab (Real Escape Games)
  8. Tomb (5-Wits)
  9. Drago’s Castle (5-Wits)
  10. Deep Space (5-Wits)


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