The Cadavera Case

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The Cadavera Case

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For anyone who’s a fan of the game CLUE (aka CLUEDO for British gamers) there is no better room than The Cadavera Case. The entire room is perfectly set up to mimic a real-life game of CLUE.

There has been a murder: Mr. Cadavera was found dead in his home! The chief of police is getting pulled off the case due to strict orders from the higher-ups and has no choice but to hire several P.I.s (your team) to finish his job for him. You need to figure out the assailant and murder weapon by searching though the richly decorated early-1900s study of Mr. Cadavera’s home.

The backstory of the game is very nicely done; it is a story that makes sense and sets up your ensuing game perfectly. Our game master managed to stay in character the entire time – a very impressive touch!

EZKAPAZ has a very tall, brightly coloured lobby with a fun-funky-modern aesthetic. Most of the things you would expect to find are present: lockers, trendy seating, and a large mural of signatures (try to see if you can find ERA’s signature!), although it is lacking in terms of space, entertainment, and refreshments. And (I’d never thought I’d say this in a review but) we all agreed that the doors to each of the rooms EZKAPAZ were noticeably cool enough to deserve their own mention.

Any visitors from Ontario or Quebec, have no fear! EZKAPAZ is a bilingual company; all of its rooms come in French or English, for your preferred Canadian experience.

Although the team was split on how immersive the experience was, we all agreed that the room’s beautiful quality and design was by far its biggest and best immersive component. Every prop, furniture piece, puzzle, and even the hint system was beautifully integrated into the room and the 1900s feel. The decorations and furniture was about as solid as it gets. One common pet-peeve in many rooms is when props (especially jars and bottles) are super glued into place. Luckily The Cadavera really set itself apart in this aspect; anything in the room could be moved, touched, and rearranged without breaking any of the puzzles.

On the note of puzzles, this is definitely a room for puzzle enthusiasts. As your game master will likely tell you before you enter, no single clue in the room can be used to solve a puzzle alone. Every prop, clue, and puzzle you find has to be combined with one, or often more, clues to obtain a solution. Each puzzle has been lovingly created with a lot of depth, and often are in relation to the setting or the story. And above all, each puzzle is unique and often the puzzles are things we’d never seen before. Players who love attention to detail will love this room.

The drawbacks of the puzzles are few, but they really did stand out to several members of our team. For one, there was a pretty substantial red-herring for at least one of the puzzles. We couldn’t solve the puzzle until we were informed that the “clue” we were focusing on was, in fact, an unrelated red herring. For the depth and thought that was put into the puzzles, the fact that a red herring was put into the room was really quite confusing.

Unfortunately a second all-too-common flaw is ever-present: The Cadavera Case is full of locks. And all the locks are one of two types of locks. If the lock has numbers, it will always have four digits. If the lock has letters, it will always have five letters. If you’re quick enough to discover all the locks near the beginning of the game, you may have to try codes on up to four different locks before proceeding.

All in all The Cadavera Case is a very enjoyable room: if you’re a puzzle enthusiast this is definitely the room for you. Every puzzle is beautifully layered in a way that’s enjoyably challenging but not impossibly difficult. If you prefer beautiful and nuanced quality in your rooms, The Cadavera Case will also fulfill your needs. (On the other hand, if you prefer rooms with a bit more flash and flair, EZKAPAZ’s Opus Luminum may be the one you want to check out!)

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