Matt’s Top 10 Favourites (September 2017)

Here’s Matt’s updated list as of the beginning of September 2017:


  1. The Truth of Osaka High (Mayze)
  2. Mysterious Study (Omescape – Markham)
  3. Firefighter Rescue (Escape from the 6)
  4. Tomb (5-Wits Albany)
  5. 13 Sedah Ave (NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms)
  6. Escape from the Time Travel Lab (Secret City Adventures)
  7. Drago’s Castle (5-Wits Syracuse)
  8. Deep Space (5-Wits Syracuse)
  9. Escape the Cornwall Jail (Escape Manor Cornwall)
  10. Where Dark Things Dwell (Secret City Adventures)


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  1. Wayne Stam says:

    the review of Where Dark Things Dwell was quite cool…I would like to try that room as well.

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