Matt’s Top 25 Favourites (March 2018)

So we’re introducing a slight twist to the formula for our top 10 lists… As of now, we’ve decided
to expand the list from 10 to 25 for anyone with more than 200 rooms under their belt. With so many awesome and amazing rooms out there, it just didn’t feel right to limit it to only 10. So without further ado, here’s Matt’s brand-spanking-new (as of March 2018) top 25 list:

  1. Secret Society (Mastermind Room Escape)
  2. The Speakeasy (Escape It Grandview)
  3. Escape from the Time Travel Lab (Secret City Adventures)
  4. The Oval Office (Houdini’s Room Escape)
  5. Let’s Play A Game (Alcatraz Escape Rooms)
  6. The House of Secrets (Lock & Key)
  7. Aunt Edna’s Condo (The Crux)
  8. The Kingdom of Cats (Omescape)
  9. Mysterious Study (Omescape)
  10. The Truth of Osaka High (Mayze)
  11. Pirate’s Prize (Freeing Canada Station)
  12. The Unknown (Escape Games Canada)
  13. Firefighter Rescue (Escape from the 6)
  14. The Gallery (Escape Manor)
  15. Trapped in the 80’s (Escape Rooms by Franknicky)
  16. Explorer’s Study (Escape It Grandview)
  17. Drago’s Castle (5-Wits Syracuse)
  18. Locked In A Room With A Zombie (Locked Up Escape Games)
  19. Apocalypse 2.0 (Escape Manor)
  20. 13 Sedah Ave (NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms)
  21. Tomb (5-Wits Albany)
  22. Espionage (5-Wits Plymouth Meeting)
  23. Escape the Cornwall Jail (Escape Manor Cornwall)
  24. Deep Space (5-Wits Syracuse)
  25. Where Dark Things Dwell (Secret City Adventures)

Favourite play-at-home game:

4 responses

  1. Jeff Danevich says:

    We are working on making that the top ten with our outdoor adventure “Unlock Sandusky” and our “Tesla vs Edison” room .

  2. Maureen Allen says:

    We’d love to have you come try our rooms and give us a review! We are in our new location and have 2 new rooms, which we are really excited about. If you ever travel near Florence, SC, let us know and we’ll be glad to host you!

  3. Maureen Allen says:

    Forgot to to additional the link! Geez….

  4. Maureen Allen says:

    Sigh… I should just give up

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