Tim’s Top 10 Favourites

Tim also hails from our Orlando team and brings us his top 10. Do you agree with his list? Which rooms would you add to it?

  1. Secret Society (Escape Artists, Sandford, FL)
  2. Diamond Repo (Escape the Keys, Key Largo, FL)
  3. Jungle Gem (Imagine Escape Rooms, Tampa, FL)
  4. USCG Ingham (Key West Room Escape, Key West, FL)
  5. Blackbeard’s Brig (Xscape Our Rooms, St. Augustine, FL)
  6. Locked Up Supermax (MindTrap, Montgomery, IL)
  7. Bank Heist (Mastermind, Jacksonville, FL)
  8. The Four Kingdoms (Mind Bender Escape Rooms, Jacksonville Beach, FL)
  9. Captain Spoopy Bones (Doldrick’s Escape Room, Kissimmee, FL)
  10. Super Bomb Squad Commandos Awesome (Doldrick’s Escape Room, Kissimmee, FL)

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