Rochelle’s Top 10 Favourites (March 2018)

As we play more rooms and get to experience more of what’s out there, our top 10 lists will naturally evolve over time. Today Rochelle from the LA team brings us her updated top 10 list. Which ones would you put on your list?

  1. The Agency (Arcane Escape Rooms)
  2. The Scarlet Starlet (Puzzle Workshop)
  3. Occam’s Apartment (Evil Genius)
  4. The Theatre (Escape Room LA)
  5. The Study (The Basement – Chapter 3)
  6. Queen Anne’s Revenge (Quest Factory)
  7. Bloody Elbow (Quest Room)
  8. Down the Rabbit Hole (Trapped!)
  9. Knights of the Round Table (LA Dragon Studios)
  10. Zoe (Escapade Games)


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