Locked-Up Supermax

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Locked-Up Supermax

  • Played February 2018
  • Montgomery, IL

  • 60 minutes
  • 2-10 players (Recommended 4 or more)
  • $29.99

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Mind Trap is located in Montgomery, Illinois, near Aurora, about an out outside of Chicago.  Their location is a bit off the beaten path, however, it is well worth the trip out! It’s no surprise to us that Mind Trap was able to boast on their website about being named one of the best escape rooms in Illinois.  This company also runs one of Illinois’ top, and scariest, haunted houses (Massacre Haunted House), and has a laser tag arena (iCombat) that they say will make the experience feel like you are in a video game.  Arriving at Mind Trap, we met with the owner, Ryan, who delivered exceptional customer service and even allowed us to do their two 5-minute rooms and tour their haunted house (look at the end of this review to see what we thought!!).  Mind Trap offers plenty of tables and chairs, merchandise for sale, water for players, and has two large bathrooms.  In addition, they have a second, pretty large, room with free arcade games and lots of seating and tables, which can easily accommodate groups going there for a party.  As we walked to Locked-Up Supermax, just like with The Collector, we were taken through areas where they work on and store some haunted house and escape room pieces, which made us feel immersed before the game even began!

Upon walking into the room, we were blown away by the quality—however, after talking to the owner afterward, we were even more impressed.  He told us that the set pieces are from actual prisons (doors, toilets, desks, etc.) and that the layout and sizing is based on an actual prison.  Mind Trap definitely puts a lot of effort into their set designs and making them feel as authentic as possible.  It was very clear to see the art and talent that went into this set.  One thing we aren’t sure about is the clue system—we never asked for a clue, but we aren’t sure how we would have.  Instead, we received some nudges as we went, which worked out great for us.

We felt immersed in this set immediately, and the layout of the room really allowed us to feel like we were truly trying to escape a prison.  We were able to wear uniforms, as well, which helped us get into the story even more. We would have loved having to hide, or have a twist in the story, but we still felt immersed in the story!  We also felt the pressure to keep going to get out.  There were a few times we felt like immersion faded, but it quickly came back as we progressed.

In terms of puzzles, we found ourselves having a harder time than we usually do.  The puzzles were all logical and made sense, with a couple that could use a few more breadcrumbs to help connect what we were supposed to do.  We think part of our difficulty was that we are used to thinking several steps ahead, almost like a chess game, however, in this room we kept feeling like we couldn’t predict what would happen.  This isn’t a bad thing, just something we noticed while doing this room.  There was plenty to do, and splitting up is definitely key to solving this room within the hour!  There were a variety of puzzle types and something for everyone to do.  These puzzles definitely take some out-of-the-box thinking and awareness of your surroundings—which fits the theme quite well!

Did we have fun?  Yes!  We thought this set design was amazing, and we felt the pressure to continue the whole time!  We definitely think this room would be great for bigger groups, and again, make sure to split up!  If you’re looking for a room that will keep your mind working for the full 60 minutes, try Locked-Up Supermax at Mind Trap!

As mentioned, the owner and one of the employees were kind enough to let us do their two 5-minute rooms and walked us through their breathtaking (literally) haunted house! The Elevator room has tons of logical and unique puzzles that require teamwork and a sharp mind, we loved trying this room out, but it took us well over five minutes just to get partway through!  We loved these puzzles and the room was incredibly immersive!  Their other 5-minute room begins by walking through the Gun Door from the Saw movie—the real one!  The puzzle inside requires teamwork and quick thinking so your hand doesn’t get cut off—and it was equal parts exciting and terrifying!  We loved it!  Then, Jake took us on a tour through their haunted house, which was open for a Valentines haunt.  The amount of detail and work put into it was truly something we’ve never seen before.  We were so impressed by everything they did, with each room/area bringing a new, unique, exciting scare.  Some scares were subtle, while others were quite in your face.  At one point, one of our members even lost their breath!  If you are into haunted houses, this is a can’t miss!  Thank you again to Ryan and Jake for taking the time out of your day to allow us to see your 5-minute rooms and your incredible haunted house!

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