Rochelle’s Top 10 Favourites (June 2017)

If you’ve been following the site for a while, you probably know that we like our top 10 lists around here. Now it’s the turn of Rochelle from the LA team to share with us her list. How many of these have you played?

  1. Krampus (Countdown Live Escape Games)
  2. The Agency (Arcane Escape Rooms)
  3. Haunted Record Studio (Escape Room Games)
  4. Alcatraz (Escape IQ)
  5. Den of the Occult (Escapedom)
  6. Dr. X (Horror Escapes)
  7. Occam’s Apartment (Evil Genius)
  8. The Scarlet Starlet (Puzzle Workshop)
  9. The Study (The Basement – Chapter 3)
  10. Queen Anne’s Revenge (Quest Factory)


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