Gillian’s Top 10 Favourites

Gillian is one of the members of our Orlando team. Today she brings us her top 10 favourites. How many have you played?

  1. The Museum (60 to Escape, Gurnee, IL)
  2. Prison Break (The Escape Game, Orlando, FL)
  3. Chopper Down (Lockbusters, Orlando, FL)
  4. Protocol Zero (Escape Artists, Sandford, FL)
  5. Locked Up Supermax (MindTrap, Montgomery, IL)
  6. Diamond Repo (Escape the Keys, Key Largo, FL)
  7. Bank Robbery (Fox in the Box, Miami, FL)
  8. USCG Ingham (Key West Room Escape, Key West, FL)
  9. Bank Heist (Mastermind, Jacksonville, FL)
  10. Super Bomb Squad Commandos Awesome (Doldrick’s Escape Room, Kissimmee, FL)

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