Death Note

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Death Note

  • Played February 2020
  • Mississauga, ON

  • 60 minutes
  • 2-6 players
  • $28 or $25 if booked online
  • Good for families

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When the Toronto ERA team visited Trapped earlier in the year, we were only able to review three out of the four rooms Trapped Mississauga has to offer. After having a great time during our first visit, we were certainly excited when we were invited back by the team at Trapped Mississauga to review their fourth room, Death Note. Based off the Manga of the same name, Death Note at Trapped saw our team as a group of detectives infiltrating the room of the prime suspect of some unexplained murders. Our orders were clear, find the Death Note, obtain the evidence needed and try to escape unnoticed within an hours’ time before our names were written down as well.

Trapped Mississauga is located near the Erin Mills Auto Centre on Dundas Street W in, you guessed it, Mississauga. The location is easily accessible as there is a good amount of signage that can be seen from the road and ample parking is available. As you enter into Trapped’s incredibly spacious lobby, your eyes are instantly drawn to the gorgeous paintings on the wall. While Trapped has franchises all across Canada, these paintings are unique to Trapped Mississauga as they were painted by the owners themselves in order to help showcase their rooms. In regards to pre-room, Trapped Mississauga checks off a lot of regular boxes with having ample seating, lockers, snacks or refreshments for purchase, board games available to play and a party room that can be rented. Once we were about to enter the room, our game master explained the rules, gave us the back story and blind folded us before leading us into the room. Overall, the pre-room experience was solid and was ultimately bettered by the excellent customer service experience brought on by the staff and the owners themselves.

Now we get to the room quality. Once inside, we took off our blindfolds and found ourselves in a spacious, albeit, somewhat bare room. The walls were sparsely decorated and there were some pieces of furniture in the room that made it obvious that you were in fact in someone’s bed room. That being said everything in the room did work and there were no errors from a technical standpoint that we encountered. After speaking with the owner following our review, we learned that the room had recently been renovated to reflect some of the feedback they had received from customers. This is another testament to how dedicated the Trapped team is to customer service and is something that our team truly appreciated. One aspect that we loved was the attention to detail that the team at Trapped had implemented. Just one of the examples of this is the fact that the room takes place in 2003 and every item found within the room is from 2003. Fans of the manga/film should enjoy this room as it is filled with easter eggs that our resident ERA Death Note fans certainly appreciated.

The immersive level of Death Note was somewhat a topic of debate for our team. A couple elements that the whole team enjoyed were the backstory which was told in an enthusiastic manner by the Trapped staff and the fact that you are blindfolded while you enter into the room. Our team agreed that this really helps with the transition from lobby to game and often helps to enhance the level of immersion. Unfortunately, we did not feel that the story developed any further after that. While we were told what we needed to accomplish in order to successfully crack the case, we never felt any real feeling of suspense throughout. This may have been due to the lack of story development as well as the fact that some of our team members felt that the tasks were a tad inauthentic in regards to what an actual agent/police officer would encounter in the field. The lighting was incredibly dark for what seemed like no reason and there were an abundance of do not touch stickers throughout the room. While we understand the need of the stickers in moderation we found a number of them to be confusing due to their placement and correlation to some of the props you encounter within the room. Once again, fans of Death Note might feel differently as our team members who were familiar with Death Note were noticeably more immersed in the room than those with little to no knowledge of the content.

The puzzles in Death Note were also a cause for debate among our team but not in the way that you might think. Where the debate stemmed from, was the regarding difficulty of the puzzles themselves and type of player to which they might appeal. One of the great aspects of the Trapped franchise as a whole is its ability to appeal to newer players. That’s not to say that the enthusiast will not enjoy them as they have something to offer for everyone, but our team agreed that the rooms at Trapped are great introductory rooms for those new to escaping. Thus starts the conversation of what kind of player Death Note would be suitable for. The answer lands kind of in the middle between new player and enthusiast and here is why.The puzzles in the room were certainly tough enough for enthusiasts as they require correlation to past experiences to solve but there weren’t enough of them and there wasn’t a large amount of variety. On the flip side, the room is linear and only one puzzle can be worked on at a time, yet, newer players still might have difficulties finding that starting point for each individual puzzle and seeing it through without assistance. Our team also felt like the room would have benefited from a team building/team work puzzle being added to the mix. Lastly, another area of debate surrounded execution of one of the objectives. Without giving anything away, you are asked to essentially leave the room the way you found it in order to throw off the suspect. Half of our team found this to be a clever and interesting touch, while the others were confused as to why the players where being asked to reset the room.

So ultimately, was Death Note fun? Yes, our team had a great time visiting the amazing team at Trapped Mississauga as we always do. We certainly would recommend the room to fans of the manga/film as they will enjoy the easter eggs and attention to detail put forth the Trapped Mississauga team. Death Note was a perplexing room at times and made much more sense looking back at it than it did looking forward. We would recommend going with a group of three or four players with varying levels of experience as there are some harder puzzles within the room. As always, thank you for reading and happy escaping!

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