Finders Seekers: Toronto

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Finders Seekers: Toronto

  • Played June 2020

  • 2-4 hours
  • 1-5 players
  • Varying subscription rates ($20-$25/game)
  • Good for families

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So far, the Finders Seekers team has had us travel all across the world trying to solve their secrets. We’ve made some stops in America, Ireland, Mexico City, Tokyo and even traveled back in time to get a glimpse of the ancient city of Petra. So the obvious question on everyone’s mind is, “where are they going to take us next?” Well, you are aboot to find out! All we can say is we hope that you brought your Eh game!

That’s right! Grab your winter coat, toque and your Hockey Skates cause we are about to travel north of the border to Toronto, Canada! Full disclosure, our team didn’t really have to travel anywhere at all to play Finders Seekers: Toronto. Yes this is partially because all the Finders Seekers games are a monthly subscription series of co-operative play at HOME games but also might be due to the fact that Toronto happens to be where most of our team calls home. Needless to say, you can imagine that this was one entry in the series that our team was very excited to play.

First up is the component quality. What is found in Finders Seekers Toronto is pretty standard to what we experienced with the other games in the series. The game itself is housed in a sealed cardboard box that resembles a briefcase and though this box is pretty, it never does come in to play. All the puzzles and items found within the box are of good quality and are aesthetically pleasing. When comparing the amount of physical items and puzzles received to other games in the series, Toronto did seem to have less as a good portion of the puzzles and tasks are completed online.

For the most part, our team’s thoughts on Finders Seekers Toronto were unanimous until we came to discussing how immersive experience was. In fact the disconnect came almost entirely from the development or lack thereof of the story found in the game. Without giving too much away, the story and mission are simple and predictable. After a Canadian team has not raised Lord Stanley’s cup in over 26 years, the normally amiable Canadians become hostile, have stolen the cup and brought it home to Toronto. It is up to you to figure out where the cup is being held. Being Canadian ourselves, half our team thought that this story was quite fun and fitting while the others thought it to be a bit pointless. Also throughout the game, the developers at Finders Seekers threw a little bit of shady banter towards us Hosers. Again some members of our team absolutely loved this while others grew tired of it and for that we are completely sorry! Is there anything more Canadian than apologizing for being chirped? Nope… we can’t think of anything either. Similar to all the other games in the series, we would love to see a soundtrack and timer added to the website to help enhance the immersive experience. One thing we all agreed on though was that the game developers do a great job on educating and immersing people into the rich culture and history of Toronto.

In comparison to some of the other games in the series, Finders Seekers Toronto was definitely on the easier side which matches its 2/5 difficulty rating perfectly. This certainly is not a negative by any means as it gives people who are newer to the world of escape games the opportunity to really contribute to the game without feeling lost. The game is full of numerous interactive experiences and fun cultural references that our team really enjoyed. We are confident that puzzle lovers will really enjoy Toronto as well as it contains the most puzzles we have encountered in a Finders Seekers game at 12, though most will be found online. Up until this point every Finders Seekers game has had a similar linear path to complete the game but not Toronto! This was yet another aspect of Toronto that we loved as it is completely non-linear, allowing you, in true tourist fashion, to visit any location in any order you wish.

So last but not least, was Finders Seekers Toronto fun? All biases aside, it was a ton of fun to play! While it might not be quite in the same league as some of the series’ best games it does manage to come quite close. This was one of the first boxes that our team felt there was truly something for everyone. Puzzle enthusiasts should enjoy the sheer amount and variety of puzzles while newer players will enjoy the simplicity of the overall game.

Have you played any of the games in the Finders Seekers series yet? If so, we would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences in the comment section bellow! From this team of crazy Canucks, thank you for reading, stay safe and as always, happy escaping!

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