Dave’s Top 10 Favourites

It’s Dave’s turn to bring us his Top 10 list, featuring rooms from Kansas City, St. Louis, and Branson. Any fans from one of those cities out there? What would you add to or remove from this list?

  1. Judgment Day (Escape Room KC)
  2. Call of Gold (Clue Pursuit)
  3. James Bomb (Escape KC)
  4. Rules of Basketball (Breakout Lawrence)
  5. Cardinals Quest (Mastermind Room Escape)
  6. Revenge (Escape Code)
  7. Beasley’s Billions (Tick Tock Escape Games)
  8. Vortex (Escape Code)
  9. Pyramid Paradox (Tick Tock Escape Games)
  10. Secret Society (Mastermind Room Escape)


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