Best Rooms For…

Often, people ask us which rooms to do based on their location and demographics! By all means, get a hold of us and we will be happy to help!

In the meantime, here are some suggestions!


Best Rooms for Families with Children

There are a few escape facilities that gear themselves towards families with children. Normally, an adult should be present. And of course, you should always check the rooms to see if the themes are suitable for YOUR children.


Best Rooms for Couples

Sometimes, you can’t find enough people or you want to argue with your significant other about puzzles. There are a lot of rooms that can be done with two, but due to time and number of puzzles, solving may be an issue. Below are some rooms that are great for two.

If you want more, a lot of the downtown rooms can be done with two and are even within walking distance of each other: Captive, Riddle Room, Roundabout, Trapped!.


Best Rooms for Team Building

Aren’t all Escape Rooms great for team building? To an extent, yes, but there are rooms that pull you together to work as a team, such that a dominant alpha can’t take over everything. Team building rooms can have:

  1. Puzzles that physically require more than one person
  2. Puzzles that require sharing information or doing tasks blocked from other members
  3. Rooms with non-linear puzzles, or open path puzzles where multiple puzzles can be worked on at once

A room doesn’t need to fulfill the above to be a great team building room, but they are great indicators. Here are a few: