Nicole’s Top 10 Favourites

Nicole is the Chicago team’s writer, giving us poetic, succinct, and honest reviews.  With over 50 escape rooms in just a few months, she hit the ground running with her new found hobby.  Here are her Top 10 favourite escape rooms!


  1. Sherlock (Escape Story)
  2. Executive Disorder (Twisted Limits)
  3. The Game Master (CluedIn)
  4. Kidnapped (Mind Trap)
  5. Escape Doctor Death (Mind Trap)
  6. Terminal (Great Room Escape)
  7. The Timekeeper’s Trapped (Escape Factor)
  8. Alien Encounter (iPanic)
  9. Containment (60 to Escape)
  10. Blast from the Past (60 to Escape)


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