Space Escape

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Space Escape

  • Played June 2018
  • Berlin

  • 60 minutes
  • 2-6 players
  • 3 players 24 € per person; 4 players 21 €; groups of 5+ 19 € per person

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The room “Space Escape” is one of the five escape rooms offered by the company Mission Accepted which is conveniently located at Europa Center near Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. For the description of the preroom experience refer to the review for Blood Lust.

This escape room transports the players into the far future, to a time when humanity is threatened by an earthbound asteroid. Humanity’s last hope of avoiding Armageddon is a team of elite astronauts (the escapers) whose objective is to place an explosive on the surface of the asteroid and detonate it. This naturally provides a refreshingly different frame for the 60 minute timer which counts down to the obliteration of earth. In this sense, the story does not so much describe a classic escape paradigm, but rather sets a scene in which a sequence of critical objectives need to be fulfilled. The designers of the room cleverly incorporated this idea of a sequence of milestones, crucial to avert the disaster, into the room by means of a central monitor informing the players about their progress and the remaining steps. This information allows the players to gauge their progress with respect to the time passed, which was an interesting and enjoyable novelty to us.

The room was well designed with a fascinating attention to detail. The components were in excellent shape and, in general, the amount of technical detail and imagination with which they were made was certainly a delight, especially to tech-enthusiasts. As a small critique, to some of us the background music and voices appeared a little too loud, which in parts certainly was done to create the atmosphere of a dangerous mission, but in parts interrupted the communication between the players. Overall, the quality of this room is on a very good standard and certainly draws the players in.

As mentioned above, the background story sets a natural frame for the players, which helps to feel immersed. The room really succeeds in maintaining a thrilling atmosphere while also building up and releasing the feeling of time pressure. During the game you do what you would expect to do on a real spacecraft: dodging objects, firing missiles, navigating the vessel, and detonating the bomb that was designed to save humankind, which makes it even more believable. Importantly, every action by the players leads to a direct feedback, with each step bringing you noticeably closer to your ultimate goal. All of these aspects make the immersion well-rounded.

With regards to the puzzles we want to point out that this room is set apart in overall style from many of the more traditional escape room experiences. There is less scavenging of components especially in the sense of finding lock-and-key type puzzles and more deductive reasoning involving which buttons in the aircraft to push. This is not a bad thing, unless you are looking in particular for an escape room that involves these components. The puzzles were diverse in nature and, unlike other rooms, scale with the number of players. Be aware that there is one puzzle that, if you try the wrong option, will result in an immediate lose condition for the team. This is however not a problem as it is well communicated, fits into the story line perfectly, and is safeguarded so that one cannot accidentally make this wrong choice (e.g. by touching a button by accident).

Overall, we really enjoyed this room whose strength clearly is the attention to detail as well as humorous and playful style. We would recommend “Space Escape” to beginners as well as experienced players if the style of puzzles (see above) fits your preferences. As a side note, playing with five players or more might get a little crowded. So, whether you are a tech-enthusiast or aspiring astronaut (and even if not), check out this room and avert the disaster threatening humanity!

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