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The Cure

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The Cure was the 2nd room we tackled at Room Escape DC, located in Fairfax, Virginia. For more about our initial thoughts and experiences, check out our review for Molly’s Horror Room. All in all everything was pretty much the same with another good quality video explaining the scenario in the staging room just before we started our mission…

The room quality was equal to, if not better than our previous room. Quality building construction, good consistent theme, good props, and nothing out of place that would make you feel the room is poorly built. So why the slightly lower score compared to the other room you ask? The dreaded malfunctioning prop! We spent about 7-8 minutes working with one prop that wasn’t functioning properly. We tried several different ways of retracing our steps and our interaction with it, but in the end we needed to be instructed on how to manipulate it in order for it to work properly. At that point a bit of frustration entered into the experience. One prop should never determine a whole category score however, and as we mentioned the room quality was pretty good. No need to keep harping on this so let’s look at the immersion…

The immersive elements that we enjoyed within Molly’s Horror Room weren’t as present in The Cure. The story wasn’t really developed much within the room, and the atmosphere although believable didn’t really create an emotional response. The unfortunate side effect of the malfunctioning prop also took everyone out of the moment and made us aware we were in an escape room simply completing puzzles and tasks. Would we say it was a bad immersive experience? No, The Cure did have moments of fun and interest, and as we mentioned the set design is believable and consistent. It’s just the little things that were present in Molly’s Horror Room weren’t really as present here…

The puzzles seemed fairly standard. A large amount of observational puzzles were used which turned out to be our weakness. This by no means is a fault of the puzzles however, rather it’s simply an observation we’re used to seeing a bit more variety in puzzle types. The puzzle path was a nice semi-linear approach (two to two) which meant nobody in our group of five was left standing around. We also felt the puzzles would’ve been a bit more enjoyable if there were some more inclusive and/or team building aspects to them. So how can we sum it up best? The puzzles were good, but there’s some room for tweaking…

And did we have fun? Well… let’s start with the positives. We enjoyed the set design and the puzzles were fairly enjoyable even if they relied heavily on one skill set (observation). As we mentioned before, the staff of Room Escape DC also get top marks for being among the nicest people we’ve interacted with in the DC area. If you want to be treated right, you need to spend some time with this crew! Where we would’ve liked to have experienced a bit more is in the story development, the selection of puzzles, and avoiding the downside of a malfunctioning prop. Assuming the prop would be fixed by the time our review is posted, it’s fair to say this room does have some entertainment value for several different groups: Those who are new to escape rooms, those who are good with observation skills and puzzle solving, and those who want to avoid rooms with a single linear puzzle path. All in all, we can’t say we enjoyed it as much as Molly’s Horror Room, but we can definitely say that if you’re already heading to Room Escape DC to introduce escape rooms to your family and friends, you might want to include The Cure!

We want to hear your thoughts! Be sure to comment in the section below or send us a message via ERA’s email, Facebook, or Twitter… As always, happy escaping!

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