Jeremie’s Top 25 Favourites (August 2019)

Another few months, another few tweaks to the top 10/top 25 lists. Not a big change for Jeremie’s list this time around, but a few new additions from Escape Revolution and NOWAYOUT. Check it out:

  1. Lockdown (Escape Revolution)
  2. Escape to Proxima Command (Proxima Command)
  3. A.I.’s Martyrdom (Escape Revolution)
  4. The Secret of Station House No. 4 (Secret City Adventures)
  5. 13 Sedah Ave (NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms)
  6. Escape from the Tower (Escape Casa Loma)
  7. Earthquake (NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms)
  8. Mysterious Study (Omescape)
  9. The Kingdom Of Cats (Omescape)
  10. Firefighter Rescue (Escape From The 6)
  11. Station M (Escape Casa Loma)
  12. Space (5 Wits Syracuse)
  13. Trapped In A Room With A Zombie (Locked Up Escape Games)
  14. The Postmaster’s Riddle (Escape The Old Post)
  15. Tomb (5 Wits Syracuse)
  16. Doctor Frankenstein (Komnata Quest)
  17. King of the Bootleggers (Escape Casa Loma)
  18. Drago’s Castle (5 Wits Syracuse)
  19. Boda Borg
  20. Escape The Cornwall Jail (Escape Manor)
  21. Where Dark Things Dwell (Secret City Adventures)
  22. Apocalypse 2.0 (Escape Manor)
  23. Espionage (5 Wits Foxborough)
  24. Saint Angelo’s Castle (Komnata Quest)
  25. 20,000 Leagues (5 Wits Foxborough)

Favourite play-at-home game:


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