Matt’s Top 25 Favourites (April 2020)

Another few months, another amazing batch of rooms played, and it’s time to update our top room lists again. So without further ado, here’s Matt’s revised, revamped, and recalibrated top 25 list as of April 2020. Any of your favourites in there?


  1. The Submarine (Can U Xcape?)
  2. The Mad Rapper (Scenario Escape Room)
  3. Mob Accountant (Felix Escape Games)
  4. Captain Spoopy Bones (Doldrick’s Escape Room)
  5. The Hangover (Escape City Buffalo)
  6. 13 Sedah Ave (NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms)
  7. Locked In A Room With A Zombie (Locked Up Escape Games)
  8. Apocalypse 2.0 (Escape Manor)
  9. Drago’s Castle (5-Wits Syracuse)
  10. Lab Rat (Hatch Escapes)
  11. The Dragon’s Song (Secret City Adventures)
  12. Deep Space (5-Wits Buffalo)
  13. Minerva’s Return (Decode Detroit)
  14. Trapped in the 80’s (Escape Rooms by Franknicky)
  15. Lockdown (Escape Revolution)
  16. The Candy Shop (Expedition Escape)
  17. Espionage (5-Wits Philadelphia)
  18. Stash House (Stash House)
  19. Espionage (5-Wits Foxborough)
  20. Saint Angelo’s Castle (Komnata Quest)
  21. Escape the Cornwall Jail (Escape Manor Cornwall)
  22. Subway Escape (Escape Room Pittsburgh)
  23. Where Dark Things Dwell (Secret City Adventures)
  24. Over the Falls (Escape City Buffalo)
  25. Boda Borg (Boda Borg)

Favourite play-at-home game:

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  1. Have you ever tried this sex game before? GIVE IT A TRY: says:


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