Finders Seekers: Petra

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Finders Seekers: Petra

  • Played April 2020

  • 2-4 hours
  • 2-4 players
  • Varying subscription rates ($20-$25/game)
  • Great for families

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The next game in the Finders Seekers series that we will be reviewing is Finders Seekers: Petra. For those who have not read our other Finders Seekers reviews or are new to the series, Finder Seekers is a monthly subscription service that offers a different cooperative play at home game each month. Every box contains a new standalone game that is based around different cities and locations. At each landmark you will need to solve a puzzle or complete a certain task that will allow you to move on to the city’s next location and ultimately complete the box. That being said, this review, with the help of the great people at Finders Seekers, will hopefully transport you back to the ancient city of Petra.

Similar to most of the other games in the Finders Seekers series, the component quality of Petra is very very good. In fact, our team agrees that the props, game pieces and just the overall quality of everything found in the box is as good if not slightly better than any other at home escape game series. The game is housed in a sturdy, yet attractive box that resembles a spy’s briefcase and indicates that you are about to embark on a mysterious adventure. As stated earlier, the props and game pieces found inside the box are of great quality, consistent to the location, and often are functional items that you can keep or use afterwards.

The Finders Seekers series seems to have a magic number of puzzles in mind as every game in the series contains around 10-11 puzzles and Petra is no different. The game itself, dependent on many factors, should run anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, so make sure to leave yourself some time if you are adamant about finishing it in one sitting. The difficulty level of Petra really depends on how many players are playing the game and their experience levels. There is a wide variety of puzzles/tasks in the game that are all of varying difficulties so there really is something for everyone. Some of our team had a really difficult time with the final puzzle but that made it all the more satisfying as it truly is a culmination of everything you’ve achieved throughout the game. While most of the other games in the Finders Seekers series boast more inclusive puzzles, Petra does not; this factor along with the games open path might be attractive to some as it allows everyone to be working on a separate puzzle at once but might be a deterrent to those who hope for a more inclusive/team building experience.

Our team was a little more divided on how immersive Petra was compared to some of the other games in the series. Similar to other Finders Seekers games, most of the information that you receive, along with where you input your answers are all found via the Finders Seekers website. This is a great tool to really learn about the culture and history of each location which is an educational and welcome touch. Since the website is open throughout the entire game, we would have like to see a soundtrack and timer accompany it. This would instantly improve Petra’s immersion level while adding some urgency to the game; something that our team felt was lacking throughout. Another area that was a topic of debate for us was the heavy use of scent found within the game. Some of our team members enjoyed it as they felt it really transported them back to the ancient streets of Petra while others felt it was overpowering and nauseating.

Last but certainly not least, was Finders Seekers: Petra fun? Absolutely though it certainly could rank higher or lower for everyone based on preference when comparing it to other games in the Finders Seekers series. Since there is no timer found in the game, Petra is certainly playable by one’s self but we would recommend playing with 2-4 players if you want to stay within the recommended game play time of 2-4 hours. One last note is if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to smells, use caution and play in an open area if possible when playing Petra, as some of the game pieces that you need to interact with are heavily scented. Finders Seekers: Petra is another great addition to one of the best at-home series out there and we look forward to seeing where the creators take us next! From all of us on your friendly neighborhood ERA team, happy escaping!

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  1. Heather Waddell says:

    We played this game and got through each puzzle except the last one. We ended up giving up and got the answer but we would like to know how to solve it.. even with the answer revealed we couldn’t figure out how they got the answer.

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