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Finders Seekers: Chicago

Becoming members of the Finders Seekers society is no easy task! In this world wide adventure you’ll be exploring a new city or country each month searching for clues, solving puzzles, interacting with interesting gadgets and props… and of course completing your mission before it’s too late! Our latest adventure takes us to… Chicago!


Finders Seekers: Ireland

So you want to become part of the Society of Seekers do you? This is no ordinary task and will require you to travel the globe each month exploring a new city or country for clues, solving puzzles, interacting with interesting gadgets and props… and of course completing your mission!


Aliens Are Attacking!

Immersive Tech’s venture into the world of in-house escape based challenges will have you saving the planet from an alien invasion! Although targeted at the corporate sector, it’s a very good introductory, in-home, family game for parents and kids to play together!


Carte Rouge

You open an envelope mailed from your colleague marked ”Urgent!” but all you find is a simple deck of cards and a note… What does it all mean? Only your powers of observation, wits, and a lot of patience will help you solve what’s happening here!


Detective: An LA Crime Story

This sequel to the epic crime solving game Detective: A Modern Crime Story takes you back to the mid 1980’s in LA. It’s here you’ll need to solve 3 separate cases revolving around a much deeper story. You’d better know what leads you’re going to follow up on, time is limited before your final report is due!


Deckscape: Behind the Curtain

Take a second and think about the mail that you receive on a daily basis. What does it contain? More than likely your mailbox is full of bill statements, packages, late notices, anonymous envelopes containing free tickets for the sold out final show of a world famous magician… wait, what?


Unlock! Heroic Adventures: Insert Coin

You’re stuck inside on a rainy summer day when SUDDENLY…your phone dies! Confined to your house and left alone with your boredom you search for something to help pass the time. Eureka! You make your way up the stairs to the attic only to find your Grandfather’s dusty old arcade machine! You plug it in, insert a coin and… you will have to play the game for yourself to find out the rest!