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Practice Drill

Ah yes, you’re here to be the new guinea pi… ummm… experts for our wonderful new experiment! Please relax, make yourselves comfortable, and get ready for this wonderfully campy, interactive, masterpiece that’s full of tasks, role playing, and teamwork!


Death Note

Criminals have mysteriously dying all around the world. Your mission as detectives is to infiltrate the room of a prime suspect. However you are ambushed and locked inside. Complete your mission by discovering the secrets before you suffer the same fate.


Dream Portal

Come! Enter this immersive dreamworld and be amazed at the sights, sounds and smells of all that surrounds you…but be warned, you must break free before this dream becomes a nightmare!


Government Secrets

What has the government been hiding? Why have we been invited to this remote and secure facility? This secret has been kept for more than 50 years and it’s time everyone knows. Even Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks couldn’t get his hands on this information, let’s see if you can.


The Cranial Carnival

This way folks! Step right up, step right up, for The Cranial Carnival. Be amazed by this mystifying, puzzlefying, hope ya not dyin’ adventure through the memories of child’s trip to the carnival. Can you solve the challenges within and set everything right before it’s too late?


Cartman’s Escape Room

Cartman has taken it too far this time! He’s got South Park Elementary on lockdown and only your group can rescue everyone before it’s too late. Inside this incredible 3D South Park experience, you’ll be caught between all the funny easter eggs and needing to respect Cartman’s authoritay!