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The Lost Knowledge

You are contacted by the research team of world renowned Archaeologist Professor McEwan as he has gone missing while searching for an ancient artifact. Believing he must be in danger, it is up to you, The Enigma Fellowship to solve his whereabouts and bring him back to safety before it’s too late!


The Scattered Cards

Three citizens of Sonnburg have disappeared, and it is up to you and the Sonnburg Police Department to find them! While the victims may seem unconnected, the kidnapper has left various playing cards behind after each kidnapping. It is up to you and your team to solve this mystery!


The Detective Society

Prove yourself as a worthy detective in the first installment of The Detective Society! You have been hired by Dolosus Global to prove yourself worthy of finding the missing Claire Makova, daughter of the Molvarian Ambassador to the United Kingdom! It is up to you and your team to find the missing teenager once and for all before it is too late!


Escape The Ripper

Your mission leads you to the dark alleys of London. A serial killer who ‘rips’ his victim’s organs out is believed to be the target of your investigation, but what is his connection to your fellow time traveller? With not one but TWO games inside the ‘crate’ you’ll need to dive in and investigate for yourself for more answers!


The Box from the Future

GASP! A mysterious, foil covered box arrives at your doorstep. What awaits you after this delivery is an escapade to save all of humanity from a catastrophic future! Will you and your team be able to use the curated assortment of puzzles and objects to help fulfill this task, or will we all be doomed to an abysmal fate?


Break In: Alcatraz

Certainly you’ve heard the tales of Alcatraz, the unescapable stronghold that sits just off the coast of San Francisco. Many have attempted this daring escape, all have failed. I mean how hard can it really be? Once you get past the impenetrable cells, you only have to contend with heavily patrolled perimeters, sharks and if those things don’t kill you, the freezing cold water certainly will. On second thought, sounds crazy right?! I mean, the only thing crazier would be someone trying to break in to Alcatraz… Wait what?


Scarlet Envelope (Chapters 1 and 2)

The Game Master has decided you are far more important than you realize. Each month he’s decided to send you a scarlet envelope in the mail to test your puzzle solving and detective skills. Can you figure out who the Game Master is and what his motives are before it’s too late?


The Artist is Missing

On a trip to Huntsville you suddenly spot two cabins at the foot of a nearby hill, each holding unique cabin-escape experiences that you’re ever so tempted to discover! Here, you learn about Thompson Seven, a famous painter who is rumoured to have gone missing. Can you and your team help solve the mystery behind his disappearance? Or will Thompson’s disappearance continue to remain a harrowing mystery…


The Curious Stairs of Mr. Hincks

Your wacky eccentric guide Mr. Hincks is back at it again. This time he wants you to take the stairs (instead of the elevator). But you should know by now this crazy building has more than good exercise in store for you… this short companion game to The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks provides more of the same light-hearted fun as it did the first time.